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Malawian Coconut Prawn Curry – Vegan Option!

This is a traditional coastal dish from East Africa though the Indian influence on this dish is evident from some of the spices including coriander seeds, black poppy and mustard seeds and ground turmeric.

This item includes rice and naan.

Serves: 2, 4
Prep time: 0 minutes
Total time: 25 minutes
Cooking method: Stovetop

Nutritional Information
Coconut milk canned (41%), Chicken (32.2%), Mixed bell peppers (9.4%), Potatoes (9.4%), Cherry tomatoes (5.4%), Coriander seeds (0.54%), Dried whole chilli (0.54%), Coriander (0.34%), Mustard seeds (0.25%), Dried cloves (0.21%), Poppy seeds (0.2%), Black pepper (0.16%), Turmeric (0.11%), Cumin seeds (0.11%), Fennel seeds (0.09%), Ground cinnamon (0.08%)

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