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Sri Lankan White Chicken Curry – Vegan Optional

This rich and hearty curry is made using cashews and coconut, indicative of its Muslim origins (where the community is partial to sweetness); dominant flavours in this Sri Lankan korma. The consistency is medium thickness and quite rich. Really wonderful. For our vegan brothers and sisters we feature an optional tempeh.

Serves: 2, 4
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes
Cooking method: Stovetop

Nutritional Information

Chicken (32.3%), Basmatti rice (32.3%), Coconut milk canned (22.4%), Onions (7.2%), Cashew nuts (2.2%) (Tree nuts), Rapeseed oil (0.9%), Ginger (0.85%), Lemongrass (0.83%), Lemon juice (0.45%), Ground cinnamon (0.22%), Salt (0.13%), Coriander (0.06%), Fennel seeds (0.05%), Garam masala (0.05%), Cardamom (0.04%), Black pepper (0.02%)

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