Super Food Salad



This salad is bursting with veg, seeds, vitamins and flavour! It’s super food.

Serves: 4
Prep time: 1 minute
Total time: 1 minute
Cooking method: Salad Bowl

Nutritional Information
Curly kale (21.7%), Spinach (17.8%), Olive Oil (11.1%), Broccoli (9.9%), Beetroot (7.9%) (Sulphites), Edamame beans (7.9%) (Soya), Watercress (5.9%), white balsamic (3.9%), Quinoa (3.9%), Radish (3.2%), Lemon juice (2.4%), Pumpkin seeds (1.6%), Sunflower seeds (1.6%), Salt (0.79%), Sesame seeds (0.39%), Black pepper (0.08%) For allergens, see items in bold.

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