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Classic Lamb Moussaka with Greek Salad

You haven’t eaten Greek food till you’ve eaten this! Think of it as the more sophisticated cousin of the lasagna: a blend of lamb mince, aubergine, béchamel and cinnamon. Oh, yes please!

Serves: 1, 2, 4
Prep time: 0 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Cooking method: Oven/ Salad bowl

Nutritional Information
Aubergines (27.3%), Tomatoes (14.6%), Greek yogurt (10.9%) (Milk), Lamb (9.1%), Carrots (8%), Beef (7.3%), Onions (5.1%), Cornflour wholegrain (4.3%), Eggs (4.2%), Tomato puree (3.7%), Parmesan cheese (1.8%) (Milk), Parsley (1.1%), Olive Oil (1%), Garlic (0.91%), Lemon juice (0.55%), Ground cinnamon (0.08%), Oregano (0.05%), Allspice (0.02%)

For allergens, see items in bold.

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